solar street light to the Uruguayan
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solar street light to the Uruguayan

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 solar street light to the Uruguayan

solar street light to the Uruguayan

The Uruguayan customer is a repeat customer of NEWSKY POWER. He is the purchasing manager of the local government project department in Uruguay. He contacted us last month and said he needs solar street lights for government project.

According to the customer's needs, we recommended the customer to use the MJ-XJ solar street light, and considering the customer's data, recommended the 400w MJ-XJ804 solar led street light

After confirming the details, the customer paid the full amount immediately, and now the factory has packed and will be sent to Uruguay, expecting the customer to receive these led street lights soon.





High Power MJ-XJ803 Solar Street Light For Residential Interstellar Warrior

  • LED Light: 300W

  • Solar Panel: 5V/40W, POLY

  • Lithium Battery: 3.2V/36000mAh , LiFePO4,32650

  • Material: Die-casting aluminum

  • Certificate: CE,ROHS

Contact Amber.:


Whatsapp: +8615166682350


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