Solar parking lot lights sent to Malaysia
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Solar parking lot lights sent to Malaysia

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Solar parking lot lights sent to Malaysia

Malaysian customers purchased solar lights from Newskypower for the fourth time. This time, the customer purchased 100W solar parking lot lights from newskypower.

The customer was very satisfied after purchasing the solar light for the first time. In the past two years, Malaysian customers have maintained a good cooperative relationship with Newskypower.

Because of the customer's trust in Newskypower, this time the customer directly purchased 100W solar parking lot lights in full. Newskypower will guarantee to provide customers with the highest quality solar lights products.

To purchase Newskypower solar lights, please leave your contact information, or directly through the bottom of the page contact information to contact our sales staff.



LED light 480pcs 2835SMD Philips, 100W
Battery 100AH/3.2V, LiFePO4
Solar panel 5V/96W,MONO
Work mode Constant
Material Die-casting aluminum+PC
Installation height 6-10m
Product size(mm) 1660*1660*H435
CCT. 3000/6000K
N.W/G.W (kg) 30/32.2
Carton size(mm) 800*310*390*2Cartons, 350*350*320
20'/40' Capacity 120/240


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