Solar Street Light to South America
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Solar Street Light to South America

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Solar Street Light to South America

Customers from South America purchased our various models of solar street lights for different projects. Customers compared a few quotations before placing an order, but the price was not the only absolute standard for customers to choose suppliers.

NewskyPower has been doing solar street lights since 2014, as the top solar lamp factory in China, we has the longest experience in the design and manufacturing of solar lamps.

Our solar street lights have been exported to many countries, attracting customers from Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa to complete the project around the world. So far, our solar lamps have been exported to more than 120 countries.

NewskyPower has a large number of customer resources for solar lamp orders, not only because of our professional services in negotiations and providing solar lamps, and we are also happy to provide customers with high -quality solar lights at a reasonable price, to support their business and projects.

solar street light (3)

solar street light (4)


solar street light (5)

Please feel free to contact Rina to get more details!


Whatsapp: +86 18561622826


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