MJ-XJ803 300W Solar Street Light with 5.2 Meters Pole
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MJ-XJ803 300W Solar Street Light with 5.2 Meters Pole

MJ-XJ803 300W Solar Street Light with 5.2 Meters Pole

It is a pleasure to receive feedback from El Salvador customers on the installation of MJ-XJ803 Solar street lights.This is the first time for a customer to cooperate with NEWSKYPOWER, and the purchased lamps will be wholesaled and retailed locally. The installation height in the picture is 5.2 meters.

Due to energy issues, more and more consumers are choosing solar lamps for patio and garden lighting to save on electricity bills. At the same time, many countries have policy support for solar energy, and businessmen have begun to choose to do solar energy business.

Die-Casting Aluminum Split MJ-XJ series Solar Street Lights are of high quality, high brightness and competitive price, and are widely used in areas such as courtyards, roads, etc., It is a good choice.In Africa, Southeast Asian countries already have mature markets. And the lights of MJ-XJ series are packaged in color box, which is good for retail.  Thank customers for choosing NEWSKYPOWER's solar street lights. Choosing NEWSKYPOWER is a very correct choice.

MJ-XJ803 (2)

Specification of MJ-XJ803 solar street light

LED bead: 300pcs,2835

Lumens: 4000LM

Solar panel: 40W/5V

LiFePO4 battery: 36000mAh/3.2V

Mounting height: 4-6M

Color temp.: 6000K

Material: Die-casting Aluminum

Water proof: IP67

Charge time: 8H

Lighting time: Light on at dusk, Light off at dawn Auto.

MJ-XJ803 (1)

MJ-XJ803 (3)

Outdoor Waterproof High Lumen MJ-XJ series Solar Road Lights have a remote control, which can adjust the brightness and working time through the remote control, and has a timer function, which can be set to 3H, 5H, 8H. In addition to 300W, there are 100W 200W 400W models to choose from.

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If you want to get a quote or more details, please don't hesitate to contact Rina.

Email: sales05@newskypower.com

Whatsapp: +86 18561622826


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