4000 Sets LED Solar Neon Light to Europe
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4000 Sets LED Solar Neon Light to Europe

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 4000 Sets LED Solar Neon Light to Europe

After testing the sample, the customer was very satisfied with our solar neon light, and then ordered 4,000 sets of solar neon lights for retail.

All solar neon lights will be checked after the production is completed, and pictures and videos can be taken for customers. This can ensure that the 4,000 sets of neon lights received by customers have high quality and safety.

Our solar neon lights are high quality products, which are different from other solar neon lights in the market. The configuration is larger, we use 14500 ternary lithium batteries, it is a real lithium battery. NI-MH batteries used in other solar neon lights on the market. And our battery capacity is 3 times that of other lights, the lighting time is longer, and the life of the lithium battery is 2-3 years.

The size of the solar panel is larger, and the charging speed is three times faster, and the lighting time is longer. Split design, the solar panel can be separated. It can be freely placed in an outdoor separate charging position, and will not be affected by the blocking of flowers and plants. There are hooks on the solar panel, which can be hung and more convenient.

IMG_5710 拷贝

Split design

Larger solar panel 130MA/4.5V

Lithium battery 500MAH/3.7V

IP65 waterproof

Customized styles

Sample can provide to you test

solar neon light (15)

solar neon light (6)

solar neon light (7)

Please feel free to contact Rina to get more details!

Email: sales05@newskypower.com

Whatsapp: +86 18561622826


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