2000sets Solar flood light to ​Indonesian
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2000sets Solar flood light to ​Indonesian

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2000sets Solar flood light to ​Indonesian

2000sets Solar flood light to Indonesian

Indonesian customers mainly transport container and bulk cargo for the solar flood light. In the beginning, this customer browsed our company's website and found our solar led flood light. After he understood the parameters of the solar flood lamp, he thought specification could meet his needs.

But he needs to make sure it matches his need. So he left his contact information to further confirm whether we can customize it. After confirmed, we detailed the details and advantages to the customer.





MJ-DW903 Solar Flood Light 300W Outdoor

  • LED Light: 300W

  • Solar Panel: 35W/5V

  • LiFePO4 Battery: 3.2V/30000mAH

  • Material: Die-casting aluminum

  • Certificate: CE,ROHS

Contact Amber.:

Email: sales03@newskypower.com

Whatsapp: +8615166682350


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