120W High Power Solar Street Lamp In Uruguay
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120W High Power Solar Street Lamp In Uruguay

120W High Power Solar Street Lamp In Uruguay

120W Solar street light project in Uruguay case study: 120pcs all in one  120W solar street lightswith 9-meter poles.

Solar street light project in Uruguay Description: This project is a government project that aims to provide solar lighting for underdeveloped areas.

From the beginning, the clients made it very clear that they want the only best solar street light for this high pole project. The factor they valued most is the total lumens the light can provide. Furthermore, they attached the great importance to the quality, as these solar street lighst are installed at 9 meters' height. No one want to climb up and down frequenty to do the repairs or replacement. Given the circumstances, we recommend our featured 120W all in one solar street lamp that can perfectly meet the needs.

At present, the project has been in the good running, and it has successfully brought light to the local people and has been appreciated by the local people in Uruguay.

Some sections of the roads in Uruguay are still dark at night because they do not have enough street lights. In order to expand the visibility, many drivers have to turn

on the far lights, which leads to frequent serious traffic accidents. Especially many roads are open to traffic in both directions, but there is no line in the middle of the road,

so the hidden danger to safety is greater. For these remote areas, it is unrealistic to install traditional street lights as power supply is a problem. But solar street lights have no trouble working under such conditions. As Uruguay offers plenty of sunshine, solar street led light is really the best option for rural lightings.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly solar street lights have become the best choice. With its multiple advantages of technology, price, and after-sales service,

Newsky Power has taken the task of erecting a solar street light image in South America.

Newsky Power focuses on custom solutions for LED solar street light projects. Our all-in-one solar streetlight systems are installed in many parts of the world.

Since 2013, we have offered projects for over 100 countries and regions such as the US, the Philippines, Malaysia, Lebanon, Israel, Nigeria, etc.

Uruguay 120W-2

Uruguay 120W-3

To get more details about 120W solar street lights, please mail to Andy

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