100W High Power Integrated Led Solar Street Light in Africa
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100W High Power Integrated Led Solar Street Light in Africa

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100W High Power Integrated Led Solar Street Light in Africa

Lack of adequate street lighting was a widespread issue in Arica, which created safety and security concerns. Governors and many organisations found that grid-connected lighting was prohibitively expensive due to the remoteness of these subdivisions, encouraging them to investigate other options to help improve lighting conditions.

Newsky Power has just cooperated with one reputable solar contractor from Africa for a solar street light project successfully. In order to ensure lighting performance and corrosion-proof in the costal area, our client is very strict with the product quality, and finally chose 158pcs of NK-100W solar street light. While only newly installed, our client has been very pleased with the performance of our solar lighting system. Other subdivisions within Arica remain unlit, so Newsky Power will continue pursuing more solar lighting projects as additional funding becomes available.

The specifications of NK-100w solar street light 

Light source power: 100W

Height of street light from the ground: 10 to 11 meters

Light color: white

CCT: 6500K (3000-6500K can be customzied)

Light Efficiency: 100-160lm/w

Daily working hours: about 12 hours when fully charged

Induction method: light control + remote control

Work time: Continuously 3 rainy days, 12 hours per night

Recommand installation distance: 35-40m

Light pole diameter: 60-80mm

Battery capacity: 60AH LiFePo4 battery

Photovoltaic panel power: monocrystalline silicon 110W High-efficiency Monocrystalline silicon

Lamp holder material: aluminum alloy pressing

Waterproof grade: IP65

Working environment: -20°-60°

100W Solar Street Light

Integrated Solar Street Light

For more details, please feel free to mail to Andy

Or directly talk through Whatsapp: +86 15589880290


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