40W Wind solar street light

Item No.: SW-40W
300W wind turbine
40W LED light
38W/18V MONO solar panel
28.8AH/12V Lithium battery
General Information

Based on smart solar street light, the SW series is a new model which can utilize the natural  resources - wind energy & solar energy better.
With wind turbine system, this light can be charged daytime and night time whenever there is wind,  which can widen the applications, also to meet the Philosophy of our company - Safety, Eco-friendly  and Intelligence.

Operation principle

The Solar&wind street Light is a revolutionary product by utilizing Photovoltaic effect and wind power. It is designed to constantly absorb solar energy in daylight,wind energy all the day and convert to electricity, the intelligent controller could precisely control the charge, discharge and well preserve electricity into the lithium battery. And start to iluminate, which is powered by the lithium battery, once the iluminance of ground reduced to 15 lux in night time, or solar panel voltage drop to 5V below. The intelligent controller not only protects the battery from over-charging,over-discharging, but also can control the light switch-on,the time of swicth-on and optimize the brightness effectively according to the real-time environment.
 Model SW-40W
Rated power 40W
Lumens 5200LM
Solar panel 38W/18V
Lithium battery 28.8AH
Install height 6-7M
Spacing 20-25M
Wind turbine 300W (see below spec of wind turbine)
Color temp. 6500K
Sensing distance 12M
Work temp. -20 ~ +60
Pole diameter 70-80mm
Water proof IP65
CRI >85
Charge time 6-8H
Lighting time Light on at dusk, Light off at dawn atuo.
12 hours lighting time per day, brightness and on&off time can be adjusted by mobilephone APP. Max 10 rainy days backup.